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3 of Benefits For Zoning Your Home For the Winter

Do some spots in your home seem like they’re always too hot while others are too cold? Do you wish you could turn up the heat in your living room without heating the other rooms in your Manassas, Virginia, home? HVAC zoning offers you a way to ensure that your home warms up without wasting energy and money. Read on to learn more about what HVAC zoning is and the benefits it can offer for your home this winter.

What’s Zoning?

Zoning your home involves creating sections that are separate from one another. Each of these different zones has its own thermostat that you can adjust as needed. That means you can set one zone at a particular temperature while setting others at another. For example, you could have one temperature set for the kitchen, dining room and living room under one zone. And you can set the bedrooms at another level of heat.

Electronic dampers control the supply vents in each zone of your home. Your furnace will turn on when any of the zones of your home need heating. The damper in that zone will open to let the heat in while the other zone’s dampers remain closed.

Eliminate Cold Spots

One benefit of adding zoning to your home is eliminating cold spots. In traditional HVAC setups, there may be some areas that are further away from your furnace that never seem to get warm. Installing zone heating in your home can eliminate these problem spots. The electronic damper will help to ensure that this spot will receive the heat it needs to keep the rooms in the zone feeling comfortable.

Increase Energy Efficiency

Heating your home can be expensive, especially if you like a higher temperature than other people in your home. Using timers and smart thermostats is a great way to improve the amount of energy you use and decrease the costs to heat your home.

Zone heating can help even more. You can ensure that your furnace starts to heat your bedrooms when you wake up. You can then ensure the furnace doesn’t heat the room when you’re downstairs having breakfast. Instead, it sends heat to the first floor without it anywhere else. Zoning your home’s heating means you don’t have to waste electricity heating empty areas of your home. As a result, you’ll save money on energy costs.

Make Everyone Happy

Another great benefit that comes from zoning your HVAC system in making everyone in your home happy. Everyone in your house may have differing opinions on what they consider a comfortable temperature. Zoning your home makes it possible for everyone to have the temperature they want. As a result, you’ll no longer fight over setting the thermostat. You can have your office set at one temperature while your kids can have their bedrooms set at another.

Maintain Your Zoning System

Zoning your home’s HVAC system is a more complex task. It often requires a professional touch to get it set up correctly.

An expert can determine how to create the zones and set up the installation. However, some homeowners can handle some tasks. Replacing your filters and cleaning around the unit are two ways you can help the efficiency of your unit between regularly scheduled maintenance appointments. As a result, you’ll lower energy bills, prevent frequent breakdowns and extend the lifespan of your system.

Do the benefits of zoning your home sound like they can make your winter more bearable? Maximize your comfort level while helping to reduce your energy costs. Contact Brennan’s Heating & Air Conditioning at 703-783-0145 today to discuss zoning your home.

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