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3 Steps to Take Before Upgrading the Heating System in Your Virginia Home

With all the improvements in efficiency and environmental friendliness that have hit the HVAC scene in the last few years, along with the availability of tax credits and other incentives to help homeowners upgrade their heating and cooling systems, now’s a good time for furnace upgrades. But before upgrading a heating system in your Virginia home, make sure to take these three preparatory steps:

Schedule an Energy Audit

Putting your home through an energy audit will help you find all the air leaks and other energy drains. Finding and patching these leaks will allow any HVAC system to perform more efficiently, which also means less wear and tear over the life of the system. Having a well-sealed home will also help you when it comes time for a professional to determine the load calculation for your new, upgraded system.

When you have an energy audit performed, you may also want to ask about your ventilation options. Energy-recovery ventilators can make sure you get fresh air in without letting in the winter cool.

Find a Qualified HVAC Professional

An unqualified HVAC contractor can do a lot of damage to your system and your wallet. Systems which aren’t properly installed have poorer performance and a higher rate of failure, and improper installation may also void their warranties. Finding a contractor who’s certified and insured is one of the most important steps you take before upgrading a heating system.

Calculate Your Home’s Heating Load

Even if you have documentation from an earlier installation, you’ll want to have your home’s heating load calculated right before upgrading. Improvements to insulation, air sealing and added ventilation can reduce the overall heating load. Having the right size furnace or heat pump for your home is essential to consistent, comfortable, high-efficiency HVAC performance.

To learn more about energy audits, heating load calculations, or any other HVAC topic before upgrading a heating system, contact us today at Brennan’s Heating & Air!

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