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If you have an old, inefficient furnace in your Manassas, Virginia, home, you could be wasting money on energy bills and frequent furnace repairs. A modern furnace, is designed to deliver efficient heating so that you increase comfort and energy savings throughout the season. Hanging on to an old furnace will only cost you money.

Outdated Models

Older furnaces can’t compete with the efficiency of newer models. A decade ago, an 80 percent efficiency rating was acceptable. The most efficient furnaces perform better, and today, you can easily find affordable furnaces with efficiency ratings up to 95 percent. Higher efficiency ratings mean more energy gets converted to heat. Since you pay for all the energy consumed, it is to your benefit to ensure that the majority of that energy goes toward increasing indoor comfort.

Fuel efficiency isn’t the only way old furnaces fall short. The moving parts of older furnaces are also less efficient. As a result, you’ll spend more on electricity to operate your furnace’s fan, motor, and blower. During Northern Virginia’s chilly winter, an inefficient older furnace and uneven heating may cause cold spots in the house. Upgrading from an old furnace to a new unit improves mechanical efficiency and helps you save money on utility bills.

Lower Home Value

If you’re considering selling your house, a sleek, modern furnace is more appealing than one that is bulky and old-fashioned. A major appliance like an older furnace can lower the value of your home. A newer model is more reliable and current styles fit more easily within contemporary home designs.

Frequent Repair Costs

As an old furnace approaches the end of its lifespan, it will need more repairs. An old system can get expensive and also costs you peace of mind as you know a breakdown is imminent. With regular heating system maintenance, modern furnaces can work dependably for more than 20 years.

At Brennan’s Heating and Air Conditioning, we’ve installed, repaired, and maintained furnaces in Manassas, Virginia, since 1979. To save money on heating costs or to replace your older furnace, call us at 703-783-0145 for more information.

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