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You already know that breathing fresh, clean air makes you feel better and keeps your family healthier. But did you know that better indoor air quality can also improve energy efficiency in your Woodbridge, Virginia, home? From changing the air filter to increasing ventilation, find out how better indoor air quality leads to energy savings.

Change the Air Filter

HVAC air filters remove contaminants from your home’s air supply, stopping them before they clog up your air conditioner. Air filters don’t last forever, though. If you neglect to replace yours regularly, you may experience contaminated air or an inefficient HVAC system.

If you haven’t already added regular air filter changes to your household calendar, now’s the time to start this energy-saving habit. Check your air filter monthly, and replace it at least every three months.

Lower the Humidity

High humidity is normal in Woodbridge, but that doesn’t mean you need to welcome it into your home. Excess moisture in the air can cause respiratory issues, lead to structural damage and force your HVAC system to work too hard.

If you’re struggling with high humidity, you aren’t alone. At Brennan’s Heating & Air Conditioning, we recommend investing in a whole-house dehumidifier, which pulls excess moisture from the air. It gives your HVAC system a break, which lowers energy consumption while making humidity levels more manageable.

Increase Ventilation

Without adequate ventilation, your home can let stale air linger. Not only does this deteriorate indoor air quality but it also causes your HVAC system to work harder. This, as a result, leads to wasted energy and costlier utility bills.

To increase ventilation in your home, turn on the exhaust fans when you use the kitchen or bathroom. An energy-recovery ventilator can also help clear the air in your attic while keeping energy consumption reasonable.

Need experienced help with improving indoor air quality and saving energy in your home? Contact Brennan’s Heating & Air Conditioning by calling 703-783-0145 to speak with a live comfort consultant who can assist you.

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