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If your Stafford, VA, furnace has a pilot light, you may have noticed it blowing out. While this happens occasionally, there’s likely a problem if it’s happening frequently. One of these four common issues may explain why your pilot light keeps extinguishing.

Unusual Draft

Your furnace has a draft intake to allow the fuel to burn properly. However, if there’s an unusual draft, you may experience your pilot light blowing out. Strong winds, a faulty inducer fan or a clogged intake may all contribute to draft issues.

Fuel Delivery Problems

If you’re using a natural gas furnace, there may be an issue with gas delivery to your home. If you have an external fuel tank for oil or propane, you may have run out of fuel. Confirm that you have fuel in your tank or that another appliance running natural gas is still working.

Dirty Pilot Orifice

As your furnace burns, it produces a small amount of soot, that will settle on the internal components. The pilot orifice allows the gas to flow and burn for the pilot light. If soot clogs this orifice, it’ll prevent enough fuel from getting through and will quickly extinguish the flame.

Routine furnace maintenance is the best solution and prevention for this problem. During maintenance, a service technician will inspect and clean your pilot light to ensure enough fuel is getting through.

Malfunctioning Thermocouple

The thermocouple, also called the flame sensor, ensures there is a flame to light the fuel flowing into the furnace. If it doesn’t sense a flame, it discontinues all fuel supply to the unit, including that for the pilot light.

An old, dirty or malfunctioning sensor may prevent fuel from entering the furnace. You’ll know this may be an issue if you light the pilot, but it goes out as soon as you let go of the bypass button.

Stop letting your frustration rise as you continually relight your furnace’s pilot light. Call to schedule your furnace repair appointment with one of our award-winning service technicians at Brennan’s Heating & Air Conditioning.

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