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Does Closing Vents Help Energy Efficiency?

Many Alexandria, Virginia, homeowners close the air registers in certain parts of their homes hoping to improve energy efficiency. While this might initially seem like a smart tactic, it does more harm than good. Improper air vent adjustments will cost you on your energy bill. Avoid poor energy efficiency with a smarter approach.

Air Vents and Pressure

Closing air vents in parts of the home will increase air pressure. Manufacturers design HVAC systems carefully to ensure they maintain steady pressure. When air can’t escape, pressure builds.

If your home has leaky ductwork, air will push its way out through the nearest leak. This sends treated air into the attic or other unoccupied parts of your home. As a result, you pay for comforts you can’t enjoy.

Air Pressure in the Home

A closed air vent will impact pressure within the sealed room, as well. In an attempt to normalize pressure, the room will pull in air from other sources. It might pull air in under the door, around the windows or through other leaks.

If the room is tapping air from the outside, it’ll decrease your home’s efficiency. Though you can block off the most direct path for air to enter the room, it’s unlikely that you’ll seal the space tightly enough to keep air out entirely. You’ll still heat or cool the air and lose efficiency doing so.

Adjusting Temperatures Efficiently

If you’re determined to heat or cool a particular part of the house, the most efficient solution is a zoned system. A professionally zoned heating and cooling system lets you manage temperatures independently and create the comfort you desire in every room.

If you’re interested in adding HVAC zoning to your home, contact Brennan’s Heating & Air Conditioning at 703-783-0145. We’ll help you upgrade your system efficiently.

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