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Cutting Edge Technology: Carrier Greenspeed Intelligence

If you are looking for precision performance from your home heating and cooling system, then Carrier Greenspeed Intelligence may be the ideal choice. Efficiency levels are continually being improved in the HVAC industry, and modern engineering is allowing designs to be created with features that facilitate optimum comfort while keeping issues like noise to a minimum. Carrier is known as a manufacturer that is committed to quality, and Greenspeed is one of the prized technologies that reflect the brand’s innovative approach to home comfort solutions.

What Is Greenspeed Intelligence?

Greenspeed technology expands on Carrier’s popular Infinity control system. The Infinity system uses a specialized indoor control as a command center for a home’s heating and cooling equipment. The ability to exercise precise control of fan speeds and filtration while carefully monitoring temperatures allows the Infinity system to maximize indoor comfort levels. This control can also keep track of humidity levels and provide reminders for the replacement of relevant parts and accessories.

This technology is expanded upon with Greenspeed Intelligence. The heat pump in the system makes subtle adjustments based on the Infinity control, changing fan speeds according to environmental factors both indoors and outdoors. The result is that longer operation times at lower capacities are possible, leading to less noise and greater efficiency in maintaining comfort in your home.

Selecting the Right Greenspeed System

There are two options if you are thinking about upgrading your heating and cooling system to benefit from this cutting edge technology. A heat pump is perfect for areas that don’t experience extremely low temperatures during the winter. With 86 percent greater heating capacity than many competitive heat pumps, the Greenspeed system works well even when lows dip into the teens. An HSPF of 13 is excellent. The 20.5 SEER ensures that summer comfort will be ideal as well.

A dual fuel option is available for those households that are prone to icier winter temperatures. A high-efficiency gas furnace is incorporated with the heat pump so that the best heating source is called into action at a given time. The Infinity control ensures that the proper heat source is used.

Deciding if Carrier Greenspeed Intelligence Is Right for You

Brennan’s Heating & Air Conditioning is a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer in Woodbridge, VA. We are uniquely trained to install and service Carrier systems, including Greenspeed components. We can help you evaluate the costs of the equipment and the needs for your home. It’s important to realize that this technology can be a bit more expensive than typical heating and cooling components. However, the value of the technology will be quickly realized as home energy use and related bills decrease. Give us a call if you want to schedule an appointment to discuss this technology and obtain a quote.

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