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If you consider yourself a professional DIYer, you might be tempted to rely solely on your own efforts to improve the indoor air quality (IAQ) in your Stafford, Virginia, home. However, though you can make several important changes yourself, there are still plenty of reasons to schedule a professional indoor air quality evaluation.

Accuracy in Testing for Pollutants

Although you can test for some pollutants yourself, it would be impractical and expensive to test for everything that an IAQ professional can cover. Even when DIY kits have the potential to be equally accurate, testing instructions can be complicated and confusing to follow. During an IAQ evaluation, our technicians can identify a variety of pollutants that might be affecting your air quality.

Access to Whole-Home IAQ Products

You may not need an expert to tell you that your home has problems with humidity or recommend an air purifier for asthma and allergies. However, our technicians can install whole-home IAQ solutions that work with your existing HVAC system for maximum effectiveness and efficiency. Otherwise, you will be limited to portable models that can only address one room at a time.

A Fresh Set of Eyes to Spot Problems

Even if you have a good understanding of the various sources of indoor air pollution, having a fresh set of eyes to look at your home can be helpful. You may have more irritants in your home than you realize. Perhaps you’ve grown used to odors so much that you no longer notice them or you’ve accepted skin that’s always a little dry. These could indicate that there may be a problem with your home’s humidity levels.

Recommendations Specific to Your Home

Books and online articles can teach you a lot about indoor air quality, but the best way to improve your own IAQ is through personalized recommendations. Our technicians can tell you which issues are most common in your area, as well as which are unique to your home. We can also identify and address any related problems with your HVAC system, such as dirty ductwork.

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