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Duct Cleaning & Air Quality: Connecting the Dots

You may be concerned about the poor quality of indoor air in your North Stafford, VA home without understanding what is causing it. Like most homeowners, you probably don’t suspect that the ductwork attached to your HVAC system could be making you and your family members sick. When ductwork is not cleaned, it can collect bacteria, mold, dust, pollen, animal dropping and many other substances that are unhealthy for people to breathe.

If you have an allergy or asthma sufferer in your home, their symptoms will get worse until the ductwork is cleaned. That is because these airborne pollutants are released into the air every time you turn on your heating system or air conditioner. On average, these microscopic organisms get cycled through your home five times a day. Brennan’s Heating & Air Conditioning offers professional duct cleaning to help eliminate this health hazard while simultaneously improving the quality of your indoor air.

When Do We Recommend Ductwork Cleaning?

Almost any home could benefit from annual ductwork cleaning to reduce the likelihood of respiratory illnesses and improve overall cleanliness. At Brennan’s Heating & Air Conditioning, we especially recommend professional ductwork cleaning in the following circumstances:

  • Your house was recently built and your ductwork is filled with wood particles, drywall dust and other construction debris
  • You notice dust coming from the vents when you turn on your HVAC system
  • You notice that the carpet and flooring around your heat registers is dark, stained or feels grimy
  • One or more family members has allergies, asthma or another respiratory condition
  • You have noticed a reduction in the airflow of your HVAC system
  • Someone in your home smokes or you own a pet
  • You have ongoing problems controlling rodents

Products for Cleaner Indoor Air

Professional ductwork cleaning is just the beginning of taking control of the quality of your indoor air. At Brennan’s, we stock several Carrier products that make the air in your home healthier to breathe. As a Factory Authorized Dealer for Carrier, we are pleased to offer humidifiers, ventilators, UV lamps and several different types of air filters for your air conditioner and furnace. We can recommend air quality products to you after evaluating your home environment. Because all products are manufactured by Carrier, they come with a 10-year parts warranty and are guaranteed to be free of defects. Just think of Carrier and Brennan’s as partners in your goal for optimum respiratory health.

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