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5 Hindrances to Even Airflow in Lorton, VA

Have you ever noticed warmer or cooler spots in your home in Lorton, VA? If so, you may have some obstacles to even airflow. Addressing these hindrances can lead to better air circulation and more consistent temperatures throughout your house.

Leaky Ducts

In our line of work, we often come across leaks in air duct systems. A leak in an attic or crawl space can significantly impact the efficacy of an HVAC system. Even a small leak more centrally located can affect your airflow. A leak can make it harder for heated or cooled air to enter a particular room.

Broken or Disconnected Ducts

Over time, ducts can get bent, crushed or disconnected in certain places. This makes it more difficult for warm or cold air to reach various locations.

Dirty Ducts and Filters

Dust, hair, dirt and other particulates can find their way into homes in Lorton, VA. Sometimes, those materials get incorporated into HVAC systems, where they can cause blockages in ductwork and clog filters. When this happens, air can’t flow as freely as it should.

Inadequate Return Vents

A forced-air HVAC system delivers air throughout the home and also receives air, which it then conditions. Some homes don’t have enough return vents. As a result, their HVAC systems can’t work to their full potential. A professional can give you an assessment and present some potential strategies if this issue concerns you.

Ductwork Not Sized Properly

Ductwork has to fit a particular home. Small ducts can impede the flow of air, and large ducts can result in low air pressure.

We can look at your airflow and HVAC configuration to figure out how we can improve things. Call Brennan’s Heating & Air Conditioning to schedule professional heating, ventilation and air conditioning services for HVAC systems.

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