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Humidity creates favorable conditions for bacterial growth and causes asthmatic people in many homes to suffer. An energy recovery ventilator (ERV) is a solution to dehumidify your home and keep your family safe. Once you understand how ERV works, you’ll see how the system can improve your indoor air quality in Fairfax, VA.

How an ERV Works

The ERV comes connected to the ductwork or ducted independently in your home. It has two fans, one which draws clean air into your home while the other removes stale air. Removal of stale air ensures that your home has fewer pollutants, allergens and toxins.

The ERV transfers heat and moisture from one stream to another when the two air streams pass through the system. The heat from the indoor air leaving your home gets into the fresh incoming air, ensuring your home retains heat. The ERV filters the fresh outdoor air coming inside, promoting a healthy indoor air quality.

The transfer of heat energy to the incoming air ensures that your furnace doesn’t work extra hard. Since you’ve learned how energy recovery ventilators work, you’ll likely want to know the benefits of incorporating one into your home.

Dehumidifies Your Living Space

Your HVAC system isn’t enough to remove all the humidity from your home, and it’s necessary to find other ways to control it. An energy recovery ventilator removes humidity and moisture from your indoor air. The absence of humidity discourages bacterial growth, creating a conducive environment for everyone in your home.

Purifies the Air Supply

Air purifiers may release ozone that kills small microbial organisms. However, ozone can also worsen the health condition of asthma patients. When it comes to ERVs, they don’t use ions or ozone but rather a passive method to clean air.

The method provides a safe environment with clean air for people with asthma. With an ERV, you’ll also enjoy a cleaner environment and won’t have to dust your home as often. Additionally, ERVs operate quietly and are easy to maintain.

Now that you know all the benefits of energy recovery ventilators and how they works, it’s time to shop for a new unit. Contact us at Brennan’s Heating & Air Conditioning for more information on ERVs.

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