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Your air conditioning system keeps your Stafford, Virginia, home cool throughout the hot months of summer. But are you familiar with the importance of all the components in the system? One of the major parts of the system is the compressor. When it isn’t functioning properly, your home won’t feel as cool as you like. Let’s take a look at the role that the compressor plays and why it’s so important to maintain it.

Location of the Compressor

Your air conditioning system has an indoor air handler that contains the evaporator coil. It also has an outdoor unit that houses the compressor, condenser coil and fan. They all work seamlessly together to create cool air. The compressor sits in a cabinet outside, which exposes it to the outdoor elements. It’s vital that you schedule maintenance regularly to ensure it stays clean and functions properly.

Role of the Compressor

The process of cooling your home is quite complex. The compressor’s role is to move the refrigerant, which absorbs heat from inside of your home. The compressor moves it from the inside evaporator coil to the outside condenser coil. It pressurizes the refrigerant from gas to liquid during several stages of the cooling process.

When the Compressor Goes Bad

If the compressor malfunctions, it can’t move the refrigerant around. As a result, no cooling will take place.

If you notice your home feeling hotter, or if you hear unusual noises coming from the outside unit, call us right away. Since the compressor is an essential part of the air conditioning system, it’s one of the most expensive parts to replace. Maintaining it now is better than repairing or replacing it later. Therefore, you should consider investing in a maintenance plan to ensure your compressor stays in good shape.

Would you like to schedule an appointment to have your compressor or air conditioner repaired? You can easily reach our team of experts at Brennan’s Heating & Air Conditioning by calling 703-783-0145.

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