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When winter arrives in Fairfax, VA, allergy sufferers would like to breathe a sigh of relief as pollen and leaf debris give way to snow. However, winter comes with its own set of indoor air quality (IAQ) issues. Some of these can be made worse when you turn on your furnace. Be proactive and keep your indoor air clean. Your IAQ can affect your health and the performance of your HVAC system.

Check Your Pilot Light

If your pilot light for your furnace is burning yellow instead of blue, that means carbon monoxide might be leaking into your home. Symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning include headaches, loss of consciousness, and dizziness. If you suspect a carbon monoxide leak, leave your home immediately and call a professional.

Change Your Air Filters

Air filters trap all kinds of dirt, dust, and debris. If you forget to change them, however, you and your family are likely breathing a variety of pollutants including dust, pet dander, mold, bacteria, and pollen. Change your filters once per month or as directed by the manufacturer.

Get an Air Purifier

Germs and viruses love to hang around in winter. While stale, contaminated air is hard on everyone, it can be especially terrible for those with respiratory problems. Get an air purifier that effectively eliminates harmful bacteria and viruses and keeps the air fresh.

Use a Humidifier

While you can still face problems with humidity in the colder months, quite likely your problem will be air that is too dry. While a properly maintained furnace should keep the air clean and shouldn’t dry it out too much, you may still experience static shocks and dry, itchy eyes during winter. The ideal humidity level is somewhere in the 30 to 60 percent range. Invest in a hygrometer to keep track of your indoor humidity levels. If you find that the air is too dry, a humidifier will help to restore better air quality, and make everyone more comfortable.

Good IAQ is a year-long concern, and Brennan’s Heating & Air Conditioning has the solutions and systems you need. Call us today at 703-783-0145 to learn more about our services, or to schedule an appointment.

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