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Important Things to Know About The Functioning of Your Woodbridge, VA Air Conditioner

At Brennan’s Heating & Air Conditioning, an air conditioner service in Woodbridge, Virginia, we help our customers understand how their air conditioners function. When you have a basic understanding of how your unit functions, it helps you to know when to request air conditioner service from our company. You may also find that there some functions you can fix without having to request professional air conditioner service. 

If you have central air conditioning in your Woodbridge home, it is made up on an outdoor unit and an indoor unit. These two components function together to bring about the desired cooling effect in your home. The part that sits outside stores the compressor, which is to an air conditioner what the heart and lungs are to your body. It keeps it functioning and the unit would not operate without it. The compressor circulates refrigerant gas, the chemical responsible for producing cooling, between the outside unit and the evaporator coils on the inside unit. The part of your air conditioner that sits outside also contains a fan.

The inside component of your air conditioning systems is made up of an evaporator coil, air handling unit, air filters a drainage system and pan, a condenser and tubing to move the cooled refrigerant gas through the system. You can experience major problems when the tubes get blocked and the fluid can’t move through them properly. This prevents the fluid from draining to the pan outside of the unit and can cause it to stop working entirely. If you suspect a blocked drainage tube, contact Brennan’s Heating & Air Conditioning for air conditioner service. We will first diagnose why the blockage is happening and then use specialized HVAC equipment to clear it. It could be anything from debris stuck in the tube to condensation that has frozen within the unit.

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