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Invest in Attic Insulation for Lower Energy Bills

There are a number of ways to reduce energy expenses in your Northern Virginia home, requiring only an afternoon of your time, or a substantial financial investment. Attic insulation falls somewhere in the middle, but the return on your investment will be immediate since major heat loss usually takes place in your home’s attic. Here is some important information to help you get the most out of your attic insulation.

Savings Estimates

While experts estimate that you can save between 30 and 50 percent on your energy bills by adding attic insulation, these numbers can fluctuate based on a number of factors:

  • The type and layout of your home
  • Your heating and cooling habits
  • The number, type and orientation of your windows to the sun
  • Your level of current insulation in the walls and/or attic
  • The ages and number of people in your household
  • The degree of air leakage around doors and windows

Where to Begin

In an unfinished attic, insulate the floor in between the joists, to trap conditioned air below in your occupied space. In a finished attic, insulate above the useable space. If insulation is already in place, check levels for compression; if you can see the joists, you may want to add another layer on top of the old.

Insulation Tips

  • Fiberglass batts are easiest to lay and are pre-cut to the correct width. If one side of the roll has a foil or paper packing, face that side down, towards your living space to avoid moisture retention and mold growth.
  • Be careful not to leave any gaps as you lay the insulation, and lay a second layer perpendicular to the first to cover the joists.
  • Cut pieces to fit in odd sized spaces.
  • Avoid heat sources, such as the chimney or lighting.
  • Protect your eyes, lungs and skin from fiber glass particles during installation.

For more information on attic insulation, give us a call at Brennan’s Heating & Air, proudly serving Northern Virginia homeowners since 1979.

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