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Is Your Furnace Not Heating as It Should?

With your furnace not heating properly, those chilly winter nights in Virginia can be tough to make it through. Action must be taken immediately to find out what’s wrong, as well as decide how to correct it. Although many solutions are simple, such as checking and relighting the pilot light, other issues may require a technician.

Check the Thermostat

Ensure the thermostat is on your preferred heat setting. A thermostat that’s set too low will not relay to the furnace that it’s time for heat. Once that’s established, try adjusting the temperature up by a few degrees to see if the furnace comes on and starts heating. Otherwise, your thermostat may not be working properly and a technician may be needed for repair or replacing the thermostat.

Look at the Breaker

A tripped breaker means no power for your furnace. Make sure that the breaker switch is in the “ON” position or try resetting it by switching it from “OFF” to “ON.” If the furnace continues to trip the breaker, an electrician may be required for repairs.

Furnace Ignition Problem?

Your furnace not heating may be the result of ignition problems. When your furnace doesn’t ignite, there’s no heat source for the fan to blow hot air. Ignition systems usually require professional assistance.

Clean or Replace the Filter

When your furnace filter becomes clogged, air struggles to pass through, which makes your whole system work harder to heat your home. The result is a furnace not heating as it should. Check your filter and replace it when it looks dirty. This is a relatively simple fix, as filters are not very expensive.

Could Your Ducts be Damaged?

Another issue to consider when your furnace is not heating well is the condition of your air ducts. Ducts with leaks or impediments will leak conditioned air and not adequately deliver conditioned air to your rooms.

When you need further assistance in troubleshooting furnace heating problems, please contact us at Brennan’s Heating & Cooling. We serve the Northern Virginia area.

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