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Take time when the weather is mild to safeguard your home for the inevitable freezing temperatures ahead. Performing fall home maintenance will assure you that your home is ready for the cold season ahead. These projects will save energy while increasing comfort and safety:


  • Clean out rain gutters so they drain easily.
  • Check seals around windows and exterior doors. If you find small cracks, use exterior caulk to seal them. Daylight seeping inside through a door frame indicates the need for fresh weatherstripping. Another way to test is to place a dollar bill between the door and the frame. When you pull on it, it should stay in place. If not, change the weatherstripping. Making sure all windows are locked before you turn on the heating system will also prevent air infiltration through the windows.
  • Look for damaged roofing materials and siding and replace where needed. Moisture can seep into the envelope of your home and damage the insulation and wood, even promoting mold growth throughout the winter.


  • Have your heating system serviced as part of fall home maintenance. HAVC contractors go through the system carefully, verifying that all the safety components function as they should and that it vents to the outdoors without a blockage. They’ll also clean and adjust all the parts, which improves overall efficiency of your equipment.
  • Make a note to check the air filter for a forced-air heating system monthly. Change it when it’s dirty to lower energy costs and lengthen the lifetime of your equipment. 
  • Complete any home improvement projects that involve anything that produces volatile organic compounds (VOCs), such as new flooring or painting. 
  • Check the batteries inside the smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) detectors. CO detectors use more battery power than smoke detectors and should be tested monthly, especially during the main heating season. 

For greater comfort this winter, contact the pros at Brennan’s Heating & Air for more information on fall home maintenance tasks involving your heating system. We’ve provided exceptional NATE-certified HVAC services for Fairfax area homeowners since 1979.

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