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Managing Common Summertime Allergens

Many people enjoy spending more time outdoors during the summer in Fairfax, Virginia. However, this habit can come with a cost for those who suffer from allergies. Summertime allergens can also sneak into your home and cause unpleasant symptoms. Here’s what you can do with your HVAC system to manage common summertime allergens:

Change Your Air Filter

When it’s warm outside, your rely on your air conditioning system to stay cool and comfortable. The filter within this system helps to keep your indoor air healthy and clean, so it’s important to make sure you’re changing it regularly.

A dirty air filter can’t prevent allergens from moving into the air you breathe. As a result, you may suffer from more uncomfortable health symptoms when you’re inside your home. Those with severe allergies may want to upgrade to filters with higher MERV ratings to remove smaller particles from the air.

Maintain the AC System

Routine maintenance is a necessity when you experience allergies. You should have your AC system tuned-up every spring to prepare for the summertime cooling needs. But it’s never too late to schedule preventive AC maintenance.

During maintenance, your service technician will inspect all components to make sure they’re in good condition and functioning properly. The service also involves checking the refrigerant level, testing the airflow, and making sure the unit can provide adequate cooling.

Another aspect of maintenance is keeping the system clean. It’s smart to invest in professional duct cleaning regularly to remove any contaminants that have settled within the ductwork. Duct cleaning can also help your system operate more efficiently and keep the indoor air safe to breathe.

Check the Outdoor Unit

Your cooling system also relies on an outdoor unit to operate efficiently. If debris clog the housing of the unit, you may notice a decrease in the quality of the air you breathe within your home. Keep the landscaping trimmed back to prevent this problem from impacting your system.

At Brennan’s Heating & Air Conditioning, we can perform proper maintenance for your AC system. Contact us today at 703-783-0145.

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