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Heaters need love like everyone else. Does yours need an HVAC hug in the form of a repair or a tuneup? Here’s a translation of heater-speak to help you find out:

Your Furnace Wants Heating Repair

If water puddles are around your furnace, it’s telling you its condensate line is probably clogged. Should you smell gas, your furnace is sending you an SOS; turn off the power, turn off the gas, and call for a heating technician in an ambulance. When you are cold and turning up the thermostat doesn’t help, your furnace probably has an electrical problem. If the unit is banging, grinding or thunking, it needs a technician ASAP. If you have weak airflow or the unit is blowing cold air, send for a furnace specialist who can diagnose the problem. Should your carbon monoxide detector go off, don’t call for repair immediately; call the Woodbridge fire department first and then call for repair.

Your Furnace Wants a Tuneup

If it’s been a year or more since your furnace has seen an HVAC technician, schedule a service call. Your furnace expects this without having to ask. If there’s no heat, it has probably gone on strike because it needs a tuneup. When Woodbridge, VA, furnaces are not serviced, they lose efficiency. Increasing energy bills may be your furnace’s way of telling you it’s tuneup time.

How Your Furnace Will Thank You

When you love your furnace, it will love you back. Here’s what a well-tended Northern Virginia furnace will give you when it gets some TLC:

  • Fewer repairs
  • Higher efficiency
  • Maximum indoor comfort


To learn about all the benefits you and your furnace can enjoy with a maintenance contract, visit Brennan’s Heating & Air Conditioning or call (703) 491-2771 .

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