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How a Packaged HVAC System Can Help You Save

A packaged HVAC system has just one unit. Most heaters and air conditioners have an outdoor and an indoor unit. These are called split systems. Packaged units are more efficient and compact than conventional split systems. You can choose from many different sizes and designs for your Arlington, Virginia, home. A packaged HVAC system can help you save by lowering utility bills, reducing the need for maintenance and increasing your home’s value.

Lowers Your Utility Bills

Packaged HVAC systems don’t use as much energy as standard systems. Since all their parts are close together, they don’t have to move air as far as split systems. If your home has more than one packaged HVAC system, you can use zoning to keep your family comfortable and avoid heating or cooling empty rooms.

For example, you can turn off a packaged HVAC system in your home’s new addition or keep it working at a low level to save energy when people aren’t using the space. A smart or programmable thermostat makes controlling the temperature in each area or zone easy.

Reduces the Need for Maintenance

Packaged systems are easier and less expensive to install than most split systems. Professionals simply connect them to the existing ductwork in homes. Since they’re assembled almost completely at the factory, installation only takes one or two days. Conventional systems take about a week to install. Maintenance is also easier for packaged systems, because the service technician just needs to look at one unit.

Increases Your Home’s Value

If your home has a packaged system, you’ll have more free space, because you won’t have to store an indoor HVAC unit. Many models include exhaust fans for better indoor air quality and ventilation. These features can make your home more attractive to buyers, raising the price or helping you sell faster.

Brennan’s Heating and Air Conditioning has almost 35 years of HVAC experience, and we’re a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer. Call us anytime at 703-783-0145 for more information about packaged HVAC systems.

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