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Prepare Your Thermostat for Spring Temperature Spikes

During the spring in Stafford, Virginia, it can be tough to keep your home comfortable through the changing climate conditions. Sudden spikes and shifts in the temperature can also wreak havoc on your energy bills. Prepare your thermostat for these sharp changes to maintain indoor comfort without breaking the bank.

Operate Your Thermostat Efficiently

In the spring, the climate can change so drastically during the day that you could end up needing both the heating and air conditioning system to stay comfortable. However, this situation is rare, so it’s best to plan for predicted weather forecast.

Make sure to adjust the schedule for the new season. Set your thermostat to 78 degrees during the spring and summer months to keep your energy bills under control. When you’re away from home, set the thermostat above 78 degrees to save even more energy.

Use Fans and Other Ventilation Options

Fans are extremely beneficial during the spring. That’s because they keep the air moving throughout your home. If your home has ceiling fans, run them in the rooms you’re currently occupying to provide an instant cooling effect. Ventilation is also important during the spring. Use the fans in your bathrooms and kitchen to remove as much moisture from the air as possible after bathing or cooking.

Schedule HVAC Maintenance

Before you start relying on your cooling system, make sure it’s ready for spring and summer temperatures. Schedule a maintenance service. During the visit, an HVAC service technician will test the system and check the components. They’ll also change the filter and perform any necessary repairs to ensure that the system runs efficiently. As a result, you’ll avoid high energy and repair costs in the middle of summer.

Take advantage of the benefits of HVAC maintenance and prepare for your home’s spring cooling needs. Schedule your HVAC maintenance service by calling Brennan’s Heating & Air Conditioning at 703-783-0145 today.

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