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Preventative Maintenance of Your Woodbridge, VA HVAC Unit Will Increase System Durability

If you don’t already receive annual preventative maintenance from Brennan’s Heating & Air Conditioning for your HVAC unit, we recommend that you schedule your first appointment this year. As a preventative maintenance service plan member, you receive a comprehensive tune-up every fall for your heating unit and every spring for your air conditioner. In addition, you receive benefits like priority scheduling over non-plan members and access to non-published discounts for future services. Our company strongly believes that preventative maintenance for your HVAC unit is the best thing you can do to increase its longevity and improve your level of indoor comfort.

Now that spring is here and will soon give way to summer, it is the ideal time to schedule a preventative maintenance appointment for your HVAC unit in Woodbridge, Virginia. By acting now, you have the benefit of having an air conditioner that will perform as expected throughout the rest of the summer. While we can’t guarantee that you won’t need additional repairs at some point, preventative maintenance for your HVAC unit can eliminate the need for frequent major repairs. That is because our service technicians are able to detect and fix small issues early, before they turn into expensive repair problems later.

Routine preventative maintenance for your air conditioner includes changing the air filter, replenishing refrigerant fluid, testing parts to ensure they are working properly and much more. At the end of your appointment with Brennan’s Heating & Air Conditioning, our service technicians will provide you with a detailed list of all services we performed. The report will also include suggestions for future maintenance services if our technician noticed any issues. By investing in an annual tune-up from our company, you can add several months or even years to the life span of your air conditioner. 

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