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Just like Goldilocks and the Three Bears, it’s important that the size of your HVAC system and the air ducts are just right. Otherwise, you could face problems such as a lack of energy efficiency and indoor comfort. The size of your HVAC determines the size of your air ducts. When it comes to the HVAC system and air ducts in your Manassas, Virginia, home, size does matter.

When Your Air Ducts Are Too Small

If your air ducts are too small, it’s like running a marathon while breathing through a straw. Too-small air ducts mean that there’s not enough space to transfer the necessary amount of air to cool your home.

Meanwhile, a too-small HVAC system doesn’t have enough power to cool the space that it’s been tasked to cool. If the HVAC system is constantly running, it will suck down energy and raise the price of your monthly energy bill. On top of that high energy bill, a too-small HVAC will have a hard time maintaining the desired comfort level in your home.

When Your Air Ducts Are Too Large

The size of your air ducts must match the size of your HVAC system as well as match the type of HVAC system. A heat pump will need a different size of air ducts than central air conditioners. If your air ducts are too large, it may cause hot or cold spots throughout your house because of improper heat transfer.

In a similar vein, a larger HVAC system will cost more to purchase, install, and operate. There are no benefits to buying a larger HVAC system and air ducts if your home doesn’t need it. Plus, a larger HVAC system uses more energy to operate, meaning your electricity bills will be higher than if you installed a correctly-sized system.

Your indoor comfort and electricity bill depends upon you choosing an HVAC system and air ducts that are just right. To make sure that your system is the perfect size, give Brennan’s HVAC a call at (703) 491-2771 to set up an appointment.

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