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Seasonal thermostat adjustments are important for energy efficiency and low utility bills. In the Manassas, Virginia, climate, this means turning your thermostat down during the winter. When you’re at home and active, lower the thermostat a few degrees than your summer setting. Set the thermostat even lower at night to really boost your energy savings. To stay cozy and sleep better as the temperatures drop, use these tactics to save energy and keep warm.

Rearrange Your Furniture

Place your bed with your heating system in mind. Keep it away from windows.

If possible, place your bed below a heating vent to enjoy as much of that warm air as possible. If you can’t place your bed under the vent, make sure air from the register has a clear and unobstructed path to your sleeping space. Keep other furniture, drapes, tapestries and barriers away.

Warm Up Your Bedding

Switch your sheets and bedding in the winter to a heavier material. Flannel is a popular option, because it will keep you cozy even if you set your thermostat back several degrees. Add another blanket and don heavier pajamas for the season.

Warm Up With Water

Take a hot bath or a warm shower before bed. This will help raise your temperature so you’re less sensitive to the chillier air in the home. Jumping under the sheets while you’re still hot can help you stay cozy all night.

If you prefer your shower in the morning, consider a different type of warm liquid. Fill a hot water bottle and place it at your feet to help chilly toes. Brew a cup of hot tea, warm milk or hot cocoa before bed to get warm as you slip under the covers.

To get the best energy efficiency out of your system, make sure it’s properly maintained. If you haven’t scheduled heater maintenance in the last 12 months, do so now. A well-maintained system will deliver heat for less. Call Brennan’s Heating and Air Conditioning at 703-783-0145.

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