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Spring cleaning is a popular routine in Woodbridge, Virginia. Doing so freshens your home after the long and stuffy months of winter. However, many cleaning activities can do your air more harm than good. Watch out for these potential pitfalls so you can protect your indoor air quality as you’re cleaning your home:

Stirring Up Dust

Simple cleaning activities like dusting and vacuuming can stir up dirt, dust mites, dander and other irritants. Though your goal is to wipe these pollutants off surfaces and suck them out of the carpet, many particles will become airborne instead. Minimize this problem by turning on the fan setting on your thermostat. This will pull air through your HVAC filter, cleaning it as it cycles through the house.

Letting Pollen In

Opening the windows to a spring breeze can help freshen a stale home, but it’ll also let pollen inside. Be mindful of the outdoor pollutants that can sneak in even as you’re letting indoor pollutants out. If you suffer from allergies, keep the windows closed and rely on mechanical ventilation instead. This will filter outdoor air as it comes in while actively pushing dirty air out.

Filling the Air With Fragrance

Many cleaning products come with a fresh fragrance. But this scent may diminish your air quality if it’s from a synthetic source. Consider your cleaning products carefully and look for those that are natural.

You can mix your own multi-purpose cleaner with vinegar and water as well. Add a few drops of dish soap to cut through serious grime, and sprinkle on baking soda anywhere you need extra scrubbing action. This will help to keep your air chemical-free.

Use these tips to keep your air clean while you’re spring cleaning. Don’t forget to include an AC maintenance visit in your spring maintenance routine as well. Schedule your appointment with Brennan’s Heating & Air Conditioning now by calling 703-783-0145.

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