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ceiling fansAs summer begins to wind down, you can start looking forward to cooler temperatures in the Arlington area. You can also look forward to giving your air conditioner a break so that you can start seeing savings on your energy bill. You can turn off the system or increase the thermostat settings. On those days when you need it to be a little cooler, in either case, using ceiling fans will help to keep you comfortable while you save energy.

Late Summer Savings

The human body cools itself by releasing moisture from the skin through the process of evaporation. Ceiling fans help to keep you cool by speeding up that evaporation process. When you air conditioner is on, the fan also helps to circulate the cooler air. Similarly, on those days and nights when it is cool and the air conditioner is not needed, using the fan will help to keep the naturally cooler air in circulation. Set blades to spin in a counter-clockwise direction for cooling.

Fall and Winter Savings

Ceiling fans are practical appliances for savings and comfort for any season as long as the blades are set to spin in the right direction. During the cooler months, change the direction of the blades so that they rotate in a clockwise direction. This will help to circulate the warmer air so you can rely less on the heating system, and save energy.

Ceiling fans do not actually affect room temperature. You cannot cool or warm a building simply by leaving fans running. The principle works by its effect only on the human body. Therefore, you will not save energy by running fans in unoccupied rooms.

For more effective ways to save on cooling and heating your home, contact the experts at Brennan’s Heating & Air Conditioning at (703) 491-2771 . We provide the systems and services you need, that save energy and guarantee comfort.

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