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Summer AC Maintenance Tasks to Help You Stay Cool

A comfortable summer requires a well-functioning air conditioner. How do you ensure that your AC system continues its job of keeping your home cool when it’s hot outside in Woodbridge, VA? Make sure to perform regular AC maintenance, like keeping the exterior unit clean, changing the air filter and having a service technician provide professional care.

Do-It-Yourself AC Maintenance Tasks

When it comes to your home’s cooling system, there are a few important DIY tasks. These include changing the air filter, making sure that the exterior part of the unit is free of debris and clearing the drainage hole. Learn more about these tasks and why they are important below.

Focus on the Airflow

Good airflow is important to how well your AC system works. When your air conditioner has good airflow, it’ll work more efficiently and make the interior spaces of your home more comfortable.

Get better airflow by changing the unit’s air filter regularly. This is especially important in the summer because filters become more clogged with debris due to the unit running more often. Check the filter monthly and consider getting filters that have a higher MERV rating to decrease airborne allergens.

Debris Maintenance

Check the exterior unit of your air conditioner for debris and remove any stray leaves or stones. Try to make it a habit to check it when you’re mowing the lawn or weeding. Leaves, mulch and grass clippings can accumulate on the exterior part of your AC system, blocking the parts that release heat.

Avoid planting large plants near the outdoor unit. Also, keep nearby bushes and plants trimmed. You can prevent airflow obstructions by placing outdoor storage items away from the exterior part of your HVAC system.

Clean the AC’s Drainage Hole

Most air conditioning systems feature a drainage hole. You’ll find it near the base of the cabinet and underneath the unit’s evaporator fins. When you keep the drainage hole clean, you’ll ensure that your air conditioning system can function properly.

Allow the Dehumidifier to Dry Out

In Woodbridge, VA, a dehumidifier can be especially helpful. If you have one, maintenance tasks include removing the unit’s outer casing so that it can dry out. That way, you’ll help it operate at maximum capacity.

Once it’s dry, vacuum out the full unit to eliminate any extra debris and dirt particles. After cleaning it, replace the casing.

Why You Need Professional AC Maintenance

AC units are complex systems, ones that include a lot of parts and elements. This means that there’s a lot that can wear down or break, which may result in expensive repairs. Professional maintenance involves checking these parts to see if they need service that will prevent pricey repairs later.

Professional AC maintenance includes thermostat calibration. This task ensures that your thermostat is working properly. Your service technician can also install an energy-saving programmable thermostat if you haven’t installed one yet.

During a regular air conditioner service visit, your service technician will lubricate the system’s moving parts. These parts create friction and wear out, which may result in a system failure. By making sure that the moving parts receive lubrication, you’ll prevent them from wearing out sooner than they should, increasing their lifespan.

A professional HVAC service technician will also check all of your cooling system’s controls during a maintenance visit. They will test each one to confirm that your unit is starting, stopping and performing as it should.

Coil cleaning is another included task. When the evaporator coils and condenser are dirty, the efficiency of your unit is impacted. Dirt and grim will make it work harder than it needs to.

AC maintenance will help you keep your home cool by ensuring that the system is operating properly. At Brennan’s Heating & Air Conditioning, we provide quality maintenance service. Contact us to learn more or to make an appointment today.

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