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Dealing with humidity is part of life in Arlington, Virginia, especially during the summer months. However, it’s important to keep the humidity level in your home under control. Excess indoor moisture can cause a variety of problems, so follow these tips to maintain the level in your space:

Know the Correct Level

It’s generally easy to tell when the humidity level in your home is drastically too high. You may notice condensation forming on the insides of your windows and doors, or you could just feel like the air is heavy, muggy and hard to breathe. The right humidity level can help your home feel more comfortable, while a level that’s too high creates a very unpleasant atmosphere that can make it hard to sleep and that will lower the indoor air quality. By understanding where the humidity level should be, you can determine whether yours is creeping too high. Aim for 40-60 percent.

Add a Dehumidifier

If your home’s moisture levels are higher than normal, try using a dehumidifier to get rid of the excess humidity. You can use a single-room dehumidifier, which is helpful in a bedroom or living space. You can also talk to one of our HVAC professionals about installing a whole-home dehumidifier that works with your HVAC system. As a result, you’ll achieve the perfect balance between overly dry and excessively moist air.

Lessen Moisture in the Air

Although you can’t do much about how much humidity is in the air outside, you can do your part to limit how much moisture you introduce into your home. When you cook, cover the pots to prevent steam from escaping into the air. Use exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathrooms to absorb as much moisture as possible. You may even want to switch to short, cool showers during the summer months, which are more refreshing when it’s hot outside anyway. Indoor plants also contribute moisture to the air. Consider moving them outdoors when the moisture levels go up.

Brennan’s Heating & Air Conditioning can help you manage indoor humidity more efficiently. To learn about our HVAC solutions, contact us at 703-783-0145.

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