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If you are looking to sell your Northern, VA home, consider upgrading your air conditioning and heating systems first. In a real estate market that still highly favors buyers, you need to do whatever is necessary to convince them that your Northern, VA home is the best deal out there. Research conducted by professional realtors has indicated that buyers are willing to pay more for homes that don’t require a lot of work shortly after they take possession of it. If your air conditioning and heating systems are old and inefficient, it could cause the buyer to be overly cautious about making an offer on your Northern, VA home.

The upgrade you make can be as simple as installing a programmable thermostat or you may wish to install something more complex like hydronic heating. Before you schedule service with an air conditioning company, have a realtor inspect your home. He or she will be knowledgeable about similar homes in Northern, VA and whether most of them have more modern methods of heating and air conditioning. The realtor should be able to make specific recommendations on what you need to do to be competitive with other sellers in the Northern, VA real estate market.

With your list of recommendations in hand, your next step is to contact a professional air conditioning and heating company in Northern, VA. You should ask for a consultation session to discuss the recommendations from your realtor. A service technician from a local air conditioning and heating company can provide you with more details about the cost of each upgrade, how long it would take to install and similar details. If your upgrades greatly increase energy efficiency, you may be able to deduct the cost of installation on your tax return next year.

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