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Weatherize Your Home For Winter

Woodbridge, VA is nestled along the Potomac River, and their residents enjoy a subtropical and humid climate. The weather is ideal for lush vegetation, but unfortunately, mold thrives here as well. When you weatherize your house for winter, you protect your residence in the summer months, too, by inhibiting the humid conditions that mold need to survive. Additionally, providing suitable ventilation to unfinished spaces protects a home from the effects of condensation.

Homeowners should assess their homes for sufficient insulation, while keeping an eye open for gaps and cracks where heat can escape and moisture can creep in. Also, watch for telltale signs, such as mildew or rust, especially around ductwork. Be sure to note if blown-in insulation appears to have settled markedly, which would call for additional material. Furthermore, water heaters should have a thick blanket of insulation wrapped securely around their exterior to prevent heat-loss. Individuals, who do not want to climb ladders or crawl into dark spaces, are wise to arrange for a professional weatherization inspection before winter begins. When you weatherize your home for winter, you reap significant reductions in energy bills and keep your family comfortable through adverse weather.

Sealing Your Woodbridge, VA Home

In the United States, homes that lack weatherization will leak the equivalent of having a four-foot-by-four-foot hole in the wall. Little cracks and crevices can cost a homeowner up to an additional 40 percent on their home heating and cooling costs. To seal off air leaks where heat escapes and cold air comes in, an array of specially designed products is helpful. The most popular are:

  • Weather stripping – for use around doors, windows and skylights.
  • Caulking – works well for sealing cracks around tubs, sinks, showers and windows.
  • Spray foam sealant – use it to fill gaps and holes under cabinets and sinks, inside walls, around a fireplace chimney and to plug oversized wall openings around plumbing.

Protecting Pipes From Freezing

Frozen pipes can crack, but the first problem a homeowner will notice is a plugged sink or no water coming out of the faucet. To prevent this, wrap exterior pipes with pipe insulation sleeves. If temperatures fall below freezing, leave indoor faucets slowly dripping at approximately one drip per second to keep your pipes and water supply from freezing.

Weatherize With Sufficient Ventilation

Proper amounts of indoor ventilation are required to maintain good air quality that benefits human health. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, indoor air quality can drop to unhealthy levels during the winter. Changing air filters and cleaning ductwork is crucial to a supply of healthy clean air in your home. Brennan’s Heating and Air Conditioning understands the needs of their customers and how to balance HVAC systems for optimum performance in all kinds of weather.

For help in evaluating your needs before weatherizing your home, give Brennans Heating & Air Conditioning a call for skillful friendly service from technicians who know Woodbridge, VA. You and your family will enjoy the holidays more in your toasty warm home, and you will love the savings on your energy bills.

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