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What are the Top Air Purifiers?

There are several approaches to controlling and reducing indoor air pollutants. The quality of the air in your home can be much worse than that outside because of more efficient home sealing. It’s hard for fresh air to get into a well-sealed home to reduce the potency of particulates and gases inside. Although a single source of indoor air pollution might not be a major concern, the combined effect of several pollutants can be more serious.

How Air Purifiers Help

The ideal way to limit indoor pollution is to deal with the source. Additionally, a good ventilation system can help. However, there are times when these alone don’t address the problem adequately. An air purification system can effectively remove pollutants from circulation in the home.

Types of Air Purification Units

The most basic air cleaner is your filter. Mechanical air filters are those that remove particles from circulation by trapping them on some type of filter material. You can achieve better filtration of small particulates with a high MERV filter, but the reality is that a basic air filter is designed primarily for the protection of your HVAC equipment. A cabinet filter provides more intensive mechanical filtration, engineered with pleats to create a greater amount of surface area for trapping particulates.

Electronic air purifiers use a process known as electrostatic attraction. As particulates pass through this type of system, they are electrically charged and attracted to collector plates with opposite charges. These plates must be cleaned periodically. Some electronic systems are designed with capture and kill technology, excellent for destroying germs and mold spores. These are some of the top air purifiers available.

Selecting the Right System for Your Home

It’s important to partner with an HVAC expert before you choose a cabinet filter or electronic purifier. Some homes have less space available for installation of a purification system. Additionally, pressure issues can be created through poor installation or selection of an incompatible device. Your HVAC technician can help you identify the best option based on structural and air quality issues.

You may also want to consider having your indoor air quality tested prior to determining which air purification unit to select. Air samples can be tested to pinpoint specific pollutants affecting your home. Your HVAC professional can provide this service and make recommendations based on community air issues and your home.

A Comprehensive Air Quality Plan

While purification systems can help you breathe easier, you can take some additional steps to ensure their proper operation and effectiveness. Your HVAC equipment can become dirty and perpetuate air quality issues. Your ducts can also harbor dirt and pollutants. Annual maintenance of these areas can lead to better system function while keeping your indoor air breathable.

Brennan’s Heating & Air Conditioning provides an extensive range of HVAC services and products to the residents of North Stafford, VA and the surrounding area. We can help you explore the top air purifiers for your home, and we provide additional air quality solutions according to your needs. Contact our team to discuss the options.

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