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What Is Geothermal Heating & Cooling?

When it comes to renewable energy, most people think of solar panels or wind turbines, but there’s another eco-friendly energy source that lies beneath the surface of the earth. Just a few feet underground, heat generated from solar radiation maintains a constant temperature of around 52 degrees Fahrenheit in every season. Geothermal heating and cooling systems tap into that reliable energy source to provide homes and businesses in North Stafford VA with year-round comfort.

Geothermal Heat Pump Technology

As with conventional air-source heat pumps, ground-source pump systems use refrigerant for heating and cooling. Refrigerants are substances that easily convert from a liquid to a gas and back again. As the refrigerant travels through the looped system and evaporates into a gas, heat is extracted from the surrounding environment. Heat pumps move this heat from one location to another. A ground-source heat pump system includes a loop of pipes buried in the ground to carry a mix of water and refrigerant. The systems work with air handlers or ductwork to deliver conditioned air into living spaces and remove household air.

Heating and Cooling Solutions

During the winter, a ground-source pump extracts and condenses subterranean heat and moves it indoors. In the summer, the system reverses, and the ground is used as a heat sink for warm household air. Some systems are designed to move heated water instead of air for use in radiant and hydronic heating systems. There are ground-source pumps designed to provide heat for hot water heaters as well.

Good for the Pocketbook and the Planet

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), ground-source heat pumps move four times as much energy as they consume, making them the most energy-efficient option available for residential and commercial cooling and heating. Because their operation primarily relies on a renewable energy source, they’re better for the environment too.

Heating costs with a ground-source pump can be up to 70 percent less than with a conventional furnace or boiler. Cooling costs are typically half as much as with a traditional air conditioner. Although ground-source pumps cost more to install, incentives offered at the federal, state and local levels can substantially reduce upfront expenses. The federal incentive alone, which is available in the form of a tax credit, can pay for as much as 30 percent of the installation costs.

At Brennan’s Heating and Air Conditioning, we’re committed to providing cooling and heating solutions that save money and energy without cutting corners on your comfort. We ensure that our skilled technicians stay up-to-date on the latest technologies and that they’re trained to install, repair and service all types of HVAC products, including innovative and environmentally friendly geothermal heat pumps.  Please call us for more information.

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