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6 Reasons to Control Your Home’s Humidity Levels in Dumfries, VA

The humidity levels in your home can greatly influence the comfort and safety of your indoor air. You need to keep it at a safe level to protect your family and the integrity of your property and its central HVAC system. The following six reasons can compel you to take meaningful steps today to control the humidity levels at your home in Dumfries, VA:

Indoor Air Comfort

One of the main reasons to control the humidity levels in your home involves keeping the air comfortable to breathe. Air that contains high levels of humidity can become thick and difficult to inhale. Rather than risk the discomfort of those in your household, particularly any elderly loved ones or children, you can control the humidity levels to make the air easier to breathe for everyone.

Upholstery Protection

Air that’s too humid also contains high levels of moisture. This moisture can easily seep into your upholstered surfaces in your home, such as the furniture, draperies and carpeted floors, and cause them to develop microbial growth and unpleasant odors. Rather than risk your upholstered surfaces from getting damp and laden with microbial growth, you can protect them by controlling the humidity levels in your home.

Odor Reduction

Similarly, high humidity levels in your home can contribute to unpleasant odors that can spread throughout your property. They can make your house smell damp and dank, and they can also trap odors in your carpeting, drapes and upholstery. Using a whole-home dehumidifier is a great way to balance the humidity levels in your house.

Reduction of Indoor Allergens

Air that’s too humid in your home can trap allergens like pet dander, dust and dirt. You and your family members then have to breathe in these allergens and potentially suffer from symptoms like wheezing and coughing. To minimize the risks of indoor allergies in your family members, control how humid the indoor air in your home is throughout the year.

Affordable Utility Bills

Excessively humid air in your home can force your central air conditioner to work harder during the cooling season. The system has to then work overtime to maintain the temperature at which you have set it and make the indoor air as comfortable as possible, which can raise your energy bills significantly. Rather than pay out costly air conditioning bills every year, you can lower them by keeping the indoor humidity air levels at reasonable rates. We suggest between 30% and 50%.

Longer System Use

Finally, by controlling the indoor air humidity levels in your home, you can help your central HVAC system last longer. When your system doesn’t have to work as hard to maintain the set temperature in your home, it can avoid both the need for repairs and continuous maintenance. You likewise avoid having to spend money on costly repairs or investing in parts that could get worn-out too quickly.

Professional HVAC Services

You may need some professional input about temperature and humidity control. Fortunately, you don’t have to figure out this information for yourself or even install equipment like an air quality system on your own. You can get the help you need when you hire a professional HVAC company to assist you.

Learn more about the reasons to control the humidity levels in your home by contacting Brennan’s Heating & Air Conditioning. We’ll complete an assessment of your air quality at your home today.

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