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3 Ways to Automate Your Springfield, VA Home While You’re on Vacation

The kids are out of school and work at the office has slowed down — it’s time to take a vacation! We’ve got some tips on how to automate your Springfield, Virginia, home while you’re on vacation. Automation can save you money by reducing your energy use while you’re away, but also protect your home from intruders.

Wi-Fi Thermostat

A programmable thermostat will serve, but if you want the best energy-savings and easiest-to-use thermostat, go for a Wi-Fi enabled thermostat. These thermostats can be set to run themselves, can be set from your phone, and some can even learn your habits and save you even more money by adjusting accordingly.

While on vacation, you can use your smartphone to monitor the temperatures in your home. To save some money on your electricity bill, make sure that you’re not cooling your home while on vacation this summer.

Smart Power Strips

Using smart power strips for your electronics will not only increase your energy savings while you’re on vacation, but all year long. When your appliances are plugged in but not being used, they’re still drawing power. Those appliances are known as energy vampires — your TV is a big culprit of this.

Smart power strips save you money on your energy bill by turning off appliances that are in standby mode so that they aren’t passively draining power.

Security Cameras and Motion Sensors

While on vacation, you shouldn’t have to worry about the possibility of a break-in, so give yourself peace of mind by installing security cameras and motion sensors before you leave. 

Once the security cameras are installed, you’ll be able to monitor and record what’s going on in your home from your smartphone. If someone unauthorized is in the house, the motion sensors will immediately send a message to your smartphone notifying you of the intrusion.

Enjoy your summer vacation with the security that your home will be safe and energy-efficient while you’re away. If you need an HVAC tuneup before you leave, don’t hesitate to call Brennan’s at 703-783-0145 to set up an appointment.

Image provided by Shutterstock

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