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An Explanation of the Advanced Energy Center’s Projection that the U.S. Will Be Energy Independent by 2016

According to the Advanced Energy Center’s calculations, slightly more than half of the energy used by this country for air conditioning, heating and other needs comes from foreign sources. Due to the vulnerable position this dependence places on the United States, the Advanced Energy Center is calling for an end to importation of foreign energy sources by July 4, 2016. Designed to coincide with our country’s Independence Day, the ‘Energy Independence Day' is easily attainable with efforts from all home and business owners throughout the nation.

People who live and work in Northern, VA are already concerned about their heavy use of air conditioning and other consumption of energy. Some are seeking new AC installation that is more energy efficient, while others are looking for ways to cut back on the use of the air conditioning unit they already have in their northern, VA home. If you would like suggestions on how you can reduce your own energy dependency, contact a Northern, VA AC installation and repair company to request a home evaluation.

Solar energy, wind power, nuclear power and geothermal heating may have been dismissed as crazy ideas in the past, but today they are becoming necessary to conserve resources and decrease dependency on foreign oil. A representative from a Northern, VA air conditioning repair or AC installation company can discuss each of these options with you during your energy efficiency appointment. If you opt to go with new AC installation, you don't necessarily have to install central air or several window units. Geothermal heating is a process that brings underground air into your Northern, VA home and then reverses it to cool air when the need for cooling arises. Besides making improvements in your home, you can also focus on the gas mileage efficiency of the vehicle you choose to drive.

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