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Carrier’s Latest in Energy Efficiency

The HVAC industry is making significant strides in ensuring that energy efficiency is a focus in product development. Carrier has some impressive innovations that will help you to save money while reducing the carbon footprint of your Arlington, Virginia home. Whether you want to zone your thermostat or burn less fossil fuel, investing in an energy-efficient HVAC system is a smart idea.

Infinity – More than a Smart Thermostat

Carrier’s Infinity thermostats are built on more than a century of experience providing reliable heating and cooling solutions. The Infinity thermostats offer more than just temperature control. They monitor indoor air quality, humidity levels, and home ventilation, and allow for remote access via various devices. You are also able to manage temperatures in up to eight zones in your home with these systems. This option is great not only for personal comfort but also for maximizing energy efficiency as you avoid wasting energy in rooms that are not occupied.

The ENERGY STAR® Advantage

Carrier clearly demonstrates a commitment to quality, consumer satisfaction, and the environment by carrying products with an Energy Star rating. Energy Star was established by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) with the overall goal of reducing air pollution. This extended to the promotion of energy-efficient products that reduce energy consumption and pollution. Such products can be identified by an Energy Star label.

For products to earn this label, they have to pass certain criteria and be certified by the EPA. This way, consumers can be sure that these products will deliver on promised savings.

Hybrid Heat – Finding Efficient Fuel

Carrier’s hybrid heat systems boast high SEER, HSPF, and AFUE levels. A hybrid heat system provides gas as well as electric heating. The heat pump works well when temperatures are more moderate. When it gets colder you make the shift to take advantage of the more powerful gas-powered system. This technology allows you to heat more efficiently based on the weather, so you that save energy. Your heat pump also works as an AC in summer.

Are you ready for a greener HVAC system? Contact Brennan’s Heating & Air Conditioning today at 703-783-0145 for more information about our products and services.

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