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Has something about your home in Manassas, Virginia, seemed a little off lately? If you’ve been less comfortable than usual, your heat pump may be the problem. Here are four ways to tell that your heat pump has been underperforming this winter:

Cold Air is Blowing Through the Vents

One of the most common issues homeowners experience is cold air blowing through their vents. If you check your thermostat and the heat pump is still in cooling mode, the solution is as simple as flipping a switch. However, if your system is already in heating mode, you have a problem.

Possible causes range from a dirty air filter and blocked air ducts to an iced-over or snow-covered outdoor unit. It may also have a valve, compressor or refrigerant charge issue. Therefore, it’s important to contact a professional as soon as you suspect an issue.

It Won’t Turn On

Worse than the air blowing cold, you may find that your heat pump won’t turn on at all. Often, this indicates a problem with the thermostat or power supply. The fix could be as simple as restoring a tripped circuit breaker, or you may need a professional to replace frayed or faulty wiring.

It’s Cycling Off and On Constantly

Alternatively, your heat pump may seem to be running constantly or cycling off and on much more frequently than usual. Unless the issue is your thermostat settings, this red flag typically means you should call an HVAC contractor as soon as possible. Otherwise, you risk high energy bills.

You Hear Strange Noises at All Hours

Finally, you may hear new or strange noises coming from your heat pump. That’s never a good sign. Rather than ignoring them, schedule a service appointment. The sooner you address any noisy problems, the less likely they are to require an expensive repair.

Once you know your heat pump is underperforming, the next step is determining why. It might require simple maintenance, a quick repair or a full replacement. Call 703-783-0145 to schedule an appointment with Brennan’s Heating & Air Conditioning today.

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