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What Your HVAC Contractor Checks During Maintenance

HVAC Maintenance

Modern HVAC systems are designed to be long-lasting and efficient. Nevertheless, preventive maintenance is always important to guard against potential problems, and to ensure optimum performance.

You should schedule maintenance checks at the beginning of the spring and fall seasons. If you have not yet scheduled an appointment, you should do so as soon as possible. It’s never too late. During a maintenance call, your HVAC contractor will conduct a thorough check of your system, and make any necessary tune-ups; find parts that are wearing out, and repair or replace to avoid expensive repairs or system failure.

Service Checklist

The maintenance check involves a comprehensive inspection, as there are many parts to your HVAC system. The following are some of the main areas that a maintenance visit will cover:

Topping the list of tasks your licensed HVAC service tech should perform is, measuring the refrigerant level and refilling it if it is low. Low refrigerant can mean there is a leak. Your service pro will be able to locate and repair any leaks. It is very important that the condenser, condensate drain line, and evaporator coils are inspected and cleaned as well. The system will not be able to cool your home properly if the parts are dirty, or if there is any kind of blockage.

Your service tech should also test the electrical connections, as well as the AC’s cycling times and controls. Motors should be lubricated to prevent friction that wears down parts. Loose parts should be tightened as well. A very thorough inspection will include checking the duct system and registers to make sure ducts are properly connected.

It is important that the thermostat is checked, and the air filter changed if necessary. A filter check is ongoing, and depending on the type of filter and the level of use, your filter could need to be changed on a monthly basis. This is a simple task for homeowners. Your service technician or the manufacturer’s instructions can provide you with information regarding cleaning or changing your filter. Homeowners can a play a part in ensuring their systems perform well and last for a long time.

Brennan’s Heating and Air Conditioning offers affordable maintenance agreement plans to give you peace of mind no matter the season. Call us at (703) 491-2771 to learn more about our AC maintenance benefits, and about our effective HVAC solutions.

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