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5 Benefits of Scheduling Routine HVAC Maintenance

Changing your air filter every month, while important, isn’t good enough for HVAC maintenance. All HVAC systems in Woodbridge, Virginia, need professional maintenance on a bi-annual basis. Keep your system working efficiently and protect your warranty this summer by scheduling routine HVAC maintenance. Here are the benefits of doing so:

Reduced Energy Consumption

Your energy consumption can double or triple if your HVAC system never receives professional maintenance. Your energy bills shouldn’t skyrocket in response to a hot summer. High energy bills mean that the air conditioner either needs maintenance or repair. Sometimes it’s in need of both if you’ve neglected it.

During maintenance, we clean the unit and check that everything is working correctly. Dirt buildup obstructs airflow and causes the appliance to work harder. Improper functioning can also eat up more energy than proper functioning.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Dust isn’t the only irritant that builds up inside the HVAC system over time. Pollen, pet dander and other pollutants accumulate. These pollutants lower the quality of your home’s indoor air. Even if you don’t have asthma or allergies, indoor air pollutants decrease your overall health. As a result of poor indoor air quality, you’ll be more likely to fall ill, develop allergies and experience eye, throat or sinus irritation. Scheduling bi-annual HVAC maintenance protects your indoor air quality and reduces your risk of respiratory health problems.

Extended System Lifespan

HVAC systems last longer when they receive maintenance at least twice a year. Carrying out these minor repairs limits the wear and tear on your HVAC system. An HVAC system that receives professional maintenance twice a year can last twice as long as one that doesn’t. The average HVAC system lasts 10–15 years with regular professional maintenance.

Fewer Breakdowns and Repairs

Your HVAC system won’t need as many repairs when it receives AC maintenance in spring and heating maintenance in the fall. Spring is the best time to schedule AC maintenance. We prepare your air conditioner for operation before you need to turn it on. It’ll be very unlikely to break down because we conduct a thorough inspection of the AC system during maintenance.

While your AC system lies dormant during the cold winter, it accumulates dust, dirt and debris. This is another reason spring is the best time to schedule your yearly AC tuneup. You want to start operating the air conditioner while it’s freshly cleaned and ready to go. Other key tasks we complete during maintenance include tightening loose electrical connections and lubricating moving parts. These tasks are critical in preventing the need for repairs and extending the system’s lifespan.

Improved Resale Value of Your Home

Home buyers pay an inspector to evaluate the home before buying it. If they require repairs, they will expect a lower price for your home. Inspectors can tell when appliances have been well-maintained over the years. It also reduces how many issues a buyer can raise in an attempt to negotiate a lower price.

Routine HVAC maintenance helps you save money in many different ways, including your monthly energy bills, repair, the overall cost of the system during its lifespan, and the resale value of your home. You can feel more confident that your HVAC system won’t need expensive repairs.

Our HVAC company has NATE-certified service technicians you can trust with your bi-annual HVAC maintenance. We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and we know what we’re doing while tuning your HVAC system regardless of what make or model. We offer generous HVAC maintenance plans with additional ways of saving money on your home’s indoor comfort. Contact us to sign up for a maintenance agreement today!

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