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The correct placement of your thermostat is crucial to the proper cooling of your Fairfax, Virginia, home. If it’s in the wrong place in your house, your HVAC system will experience inefficiency. To avoid rising energy bills and uneven cooling in your home, you must place it in the correct location. Let’s look at a few places where your thermostat shouldn’t be and better alternatives for where to put it.

Worst Place: Too Close to Heat Sources

The thermostat reads the surrounding air temperature and decides whether to turn the air conditioner on. If yours is in a place where it receives excess heat, such as in direct sunlight or next to a hot kitchen, it’ll think the room is hotter than it really is and tell the air conditioner to cool a room that doesn’t necessarily need extra cooling. As a result, it’ll cause a rise in energy bills.

Worst Place: Near Air Vents or Windows

Cool air first enters a room through the air vents. If the thermostat is nearby, it’ll register that incoming temperature before the air has had a chance to mix and flow throughout the entire house. As a result, it may think that the house is colder than it really is and the air conditioner won’t turn on. This will make your house feel too warm.

Best Place: Centralized in the House

Hallways, kitchens, isolated rooms and odd spaces aren’t the optimal areas to place your thermostat. Instead, find a centralized area, such as the middle of the living room or in a room that’s frequently used by the family. Investing in a maintenance plan with us is the best way to ensure that your thermostat and the entire HVAC system always run smoothly.

If you would like us to inspect your air conditioner, give Brennan’s Heating & Air Conditioning a call today at 703-783-0145. We’re standing by to speak with you and help cut your energy costs.

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