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Finding the optimal temperature setting is important for Fairfax, Virginia, homeowners looking to maximize their home comfort and energy efficiency. If you’re concerned about saving energy this season, here are our top tips.

Play With the Numbers

Rather than get fixated on a recommended temperature setting such as 72 degrees, play around with your thermostat to gauge your family’s ideal comfort levels. Try setting the thermostat higher than normal when everyone is home and see how the family reacts. Over the next few days, drop the temperature by 1 or 2 degrees each day.

In most cases, individuals prefer temperatures ranging from 73 to 79 degrees in the summer months, so you may be surprised with how high you can set your thermostat without it compromising comfort. You can also set your programmable thermostat to a higher temperature during the summer months when nobody is home during the day.

Consider the Humidity

Humidity plays a major role in home comfort. Rather than reduce the thermostat by a few degrees, try reducing the humidity instead.

In drier homes, sweat evaporates easily and makes the occupants feel more comfortable. This means that you could feel just fine with an 80-degree temperature setting as long as the humidity is kept in check. Check your programmable thermostat for relative humidity information or consider having a whole-home dehumidifier installed.

Check Your Energy Bill

When you reduce your thermostat, even by a couple of degrees, you end up saving a noticeable amount on your energy bill. When experimenting with your home’s ideal comfort levels, note any changes in your monthly statement. Simply reducing your thermostat from 78 to 74 degrees could reflect a $25 savings, which adds up over time.

Determining your home’s ideal temperature may take some time and a little experimentation, but it’s worth the effort. If you still aren’t noticing a reduction in your energy costs, contact Brennan’s Heating and Air Conditioning at 703-783-0145. You may be overdue for an air conditioning maintenance appointment.

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